The Specific Objectives of the International Spring School on Forefront Alloys and Advanced Materials for Extreme Conditions were the following:

  • To discuss and teach the last methodologies and scientific advances for the exploration of new nano-crystalline stable alloys, new coatings, and high entropy alloys.
  • To learn about forefront materials operating under extreme conditions in Aerospace and Energy Production.
  • To understand the current technological industrial needs and about how materials science is going to answer to present challenges.

The International Spring School on Forefront Alloys and Advanced Materials for Extreme Conditions intended to: 

  • Awake the curiosity of young researchers in the related subject through a creative, intergenerational forum to discuss the development of materials science and its new challenges,
  • Highlight the advantages of H2020 Programme, showing the main hits gathered in the frame of the projects (ICARUS and SUPERMAT) thanks to the potential of interinstitutional cooperation and to 
  • Promote communication and information transfer between generations, and improve the knowledge of ICARUS and SUPERMAT objectives and targets.

This major event was supported by the ICARUS and SUPERMAT Consortiums:

ICARUS Project

Under the most competitive and prestigious scientific call within the H2020 looking for highly risk, forefront technologies, ICCRAM coordinates at EU level the FET-OPEN project ICARUS. ICARUS proposes a new methodology to discover new nanocrystalline tailored alloys, capable of exhibit incredible response and self-healing properties under extreme conditions. Results of ICARUS will be tested and innovated in first line industries under the support of the European Space Agency.

ICARUS Website: http://icarus-alloys.eu


The main objective of SUPERMAT is to create a trans-European Center of Competences to provide innovation services to key industry well identified in the Smart Specialization Strategy of target EU Regions. As a result, the project will boost the research and innovation activity of institute IMNR (Bucharest-Ilfov region, Romania) by increasing the knowledge and technology degree of innovation potential for sustainable advanced materials operating under extreme conditions. Development and understanding of these materials open new opportunities to enhance the competitiveness of regional and National SMEs in priority sectors like: tool making, energy production, aerospace, capital goods and equipment.

SUPERMAT Website: http://www.imnr.ro/supermat/

Technical & Scientific coordination: Dr. Santiago Cuesta López (ICCRAM, General Manager)
Technical organization: Iris García and Gloria Rodríguez (ICCRAM, R&D Project Managers), Apostolos Chamos, Kyriaki Panagopoulou and Clio Drimala (EASN TIS)


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 713514.

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